How to learn theory and practical lessons faster

How to learn theory and practical lessons faster

One of the common problems associated with the majority of individuals is that need a very long time to learn what they study, be it theory or practical. If you are struggling with such a situation, you will find the below points very handy.


  1. Same information, variety of methods

When you study any subject, be sure to use different sources of information and a variety of methods. Many studies suggest that different types of media will stimulate different parts of the human brain. So, the more areas you can stimulate, the better and faster you understand a particular subject, lesson, or theory. For instance, you can use the different methods listed below.

  • Class notebooks
  • Textbooks
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Search for online resources
  • Work on a mind map
  • Teach the respective lesson to someone else

It is true that you cannot practice all those methods at once. However, you get a chance to review the lesson when you practice each method. That’s a very effective method to learn things faster and better.

  1. Learn several subjects within a day instead of focusing on a single subject

Assume that you prepare for an exam. In that case, choose about 03-04 subjects. Then, study a small amount of each within a day instead of trying to study a single subject. This method is very effective because the human brain prefers a variety of information rather than absorbing the same subject matter.

  1. Practice periodic reviews

Periodic reviews are very handy for those who want to transfer the subject knowledge to long-term memory. Mentioned below is a brief guide to do it practically.

  • 1streview: within 24 hours after learning a particular lesson
  • 2ndreview: within 3 days at the completion of the 1st review
  • 3rdreview: within 7 days of the above
  • 4threview: in 3 weeks after the above

And so on.

  1. Never multitask when studying

If you multitask during studies, you become less productive as that makes you distracted. So, be sure to keep your mobile phones away and log off from social media when studying (social media is the number 1 distractor for modern-day students). Also, be sure to declutter your study table and the room.

  1. Find a way to compress information

You will be able to increase your learning efficiency with the use of mnemonic devices (for instance, acronyms). With acronyms, you can compress the information you read and store them more efficiently in your brain. You can even memorize some long sentences with this method. There is no hard and fast rule to do that; just create your own acronyms in a funny way.

Last but not least, you may use your hand to get notes instead of typing them on your laptop. When you take down notes with hand, your brain processes information and sends signals. When you sit for exams, the brain will find it easier to repeat that information.

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