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History changed from the classical age to the modern age. It passes through certain events and these events are known as ages or periods.

‘’ Literature makes history come to life. It may be the most accurate description of history, especially literature that was written in the period depicted in the story” (Amy Harmon)

Queen Elizabeth

Almost everyone in the world knows about the British royal family, the Royal family ruling over Britain and its subsidiary states from past generations. Queen Elizabeth II was the head of the royal family and was on the throne for 70 years entitling the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.

Great future of technology

Greek terms “techne” and “logos” are the source of the English word “technology.” Techne is the Greek term for art, craft, and logos are the Greek word for a word, speech, or expression that conveys an inner notion. So, the ability to communicate an idea to achieve a goal is referred to as technology.


In a pledge to combat climate change, Patagonia founder Yvonne Chouinard is giving his company away. (Patagonia has donated more than $89 million to environmental organizations since 1985 by allocating 1% of sales to environmental preservation and restoration)

Apple IPhone 14 Release in 2022

The IPhone 14 pro unveils a brand new class of pro camera system that includes the first ever 48MP Main webcam is on an IPhone featuring a hexachord device and Photonic Engine, an improved image channel that significantly enhances low light photos, and best chip ever in a Smartphone. With capabilities like Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detector, IPhone has become even more useful for routine jobs, creative endeavors, as well as emergency circumstances.

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