2022 Successful Vision

2022 Successful Vision

September just started. Here are another month and another set of tasks to target, and one ultimate goal to inch closer to. Are you tired of setting all your goals and finding at the end of the month that you were only able to do half of it? Well, half is good but ticking off everything in that to do list is the most satisfying. We understand this feeling. We have experimented with ways to organize and manage our time and tasks. In this blog, we will share what worked for us!

Working in a creative environment

We found out that working in an environment that stimulates your creativity makes task management more fun that it almost feels like you are not working at all. A few points in making your work area a more creative space:

  • Put up some plants, artworks, texture and other decors which are friendly to the eyes.
  • lCreate context by having a desk for work, and a separate desk for leisure (you can do this in the kitchen or dining area anyway). Make work area only a work area.
  • Have a personalized board of your tasks. You can create mood boards with collage, stickers, pins and colorful sticky notes.

Use technology’s innovation to your advantage

One of the many endless things that technology has given us is productivity tools that we can use to our advantage. When they say there is an app for everything they really meant it. Here are some of our favorite productivity apps that you can download for free.

✅ Sticky Notes

This is an app for your desktop or laptops. When you need to take note of an important information, you can copy from the original text and place it on the sticky note so you can go back to it later. It is a pretty straightforward app and also very nifty.

✅ Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro is a technique we use to manage our time properly. We set a task, and we set a timer. The period we enter on the app is the time window for us to finish the task. It is based on the science that the brain is able to take information when given a small window in between. It also helps us focus on the job. Work for 25 minutes and then break for five minutes in between.

✅ ToDoist

ToDoist is almost kind of a project management tool. You can set it up for your tasks or you can collaborate with others to easily and quickly finish tasks. The interface is pretty simple as well and you won’t waste time learning how to navigate the app.

Self-care is necessary

Whatever goals you have, you should always put your health and wellbeing first on the list. Give yourself some time to take that needed beauty rest. Read a long essay. Sip some tea. Watch a good movie. Productivity must include what we do outside our jobs.

Now that we have said hello to September, let us actually make the most out of this month!

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