7 Dating Tips in the era of Dating Apps

7 Dating Tips in the era of Dating Apps

Relationships have evolved a lot in the last few years. Ever since the development of technology, apps have played a major role in relationships. In the past men use to wait for days to get a proper chance to look into a woman’s eyes and ask her number. It’s a different story that a man wasted few more days in mustering up the courage to call her number, though! Today, thanks to dating apps, finding the “ideal” date for you is so much easier and less complicated than before. You register yourself on these dating apps, find your ideal date, go out with her and mutually agree if you want to continue to meet each other or not. It is as simple as it! Wait, or is it that simple? Yes, with these tips, of course!

  • Honesty is the best policy

When you are creating a profile for yourself on dating apps, you have to be as honest as possible. This is the first and foremost tip that you need to follow for a successful dating stint. You may lie about your job or your designation; however, when the girl tries to speak to you face to face, she will anyway find out that there is nothing true about you and that everything on your profile is false. This will lead to an ugly spat between the both of you, and you will be left with nothing but a forgettable memory right on your first date.

  • Know if it is working or not

Dating apps such as Tinder might lead you to good-looking and well-settled guys whom you can swipe right for and start chatting. You don’t have to wait until you both meet personally to know if the guy would work for you or not. Even when you both are exchanging messages and talking over the phone, it would be easy for you to find out if you bond with each other or not. People who have found dating apps successful suggest you never rush or force yourself into meeting a person when you don’t feel the right vibes about him/her.

  • Never rush into a personal meeting

One of the most important rules you need to follow while choosing a date on dating apps is that you should never rush into a face to face meeting with a person whom you like. Get to know more about them so that you know their likes and dislikes. Spend a lot of time on non-facial communication such as messages and chats. You can know if a person is too possessive or demanding just by looking at the way he/she sends messages. All it needs for you is to watch out for the signals properly and follow your instincts instead of your emotions, to meet the right person.

  • Try a few options before getting settled

Fortunately, apps such as Tinder give you a list of suitable options of people whom you can date. People who have had success with these dating apps suggest you to get friendly with a few people so that you can know which one suits you the best. Sticking to one person and choosing only his profile to chat or text only to find him disgusting eventually when you meet him, is a sheer waste of time. Meet a lot of people and check their profiles regularly. More often than not, a profile tells a lot about a person if you know how to read well between the lines.

  • Your first date is not the final date

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a fantastic first date. You have done all the hard work in choosing the ideal date partner for yourself. You have also spoken over the phone and decided to formally meet at a place, which would mark your first date. Yes, it is supposed to be a very memorable experience for me. However, it could be quite disastrous in more ways than one. You may get turned off with your partner’s dry sense of humour, or you may not like the way he eats his food.  Nevertheless, here is a tip you should always follow. Always give yourself another chance with the same person unless he insults you or your family during the first date. Meet him/her for a second time, so that you get a clear idea if that person is compatible with you or not.

  • Have zero expectations

When you don’t expect anything, you are bound to be happy always – this is not only the philosophy of life, but it is also applicable for dating, especially in the era of dating apps. You may like a person’s profile and his sense of writing or humour, but when you get to see his profile picture, you may be surprised to find that belongs to a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney. Some men are quite honest to put up a picture of their own, but they cleverly put one that was taken several years ago (probably when they were at college)! So, never form opinions in your head when you are about to meet the person for the first time. Never expect to be pampered or treated like a princess. Go with zero expectations and never get judgemental about a person if you don’t like his/her physical appearance. He/she might turn out to be a gem of a person, after all!

  • Don’t hesitate to make an initiative

Do you like someone on your dating app? Do you feel that you would feel comfortable with that person? If yes, don’t hesitate to make the first move. Most of the people feel that making the first move will make them sound desperate. Yes, but not in the era of dating apps, at least! In this tech-savvy era, you have to make hay while the sun shines. Else, it would be too late, and all you would be left with is regret for a lifetime. Swipe right for the person of your choice, start texting him/her, initiate a video call for a better connect or fix the venue for your first date.

Follow these tips and find your ideal dating partner in the time when dating is dominated by technological advancements.

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