Gift Ideas for Women And for Mom On Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas for Women And for Mom On Mother’s Day

There are different occasions that call for gift-giving. And, while it is much easier to choose gifts for men, buying a gift for a woman, especially one she will like, can get a little tricky. Oh yes! Women are hard to please. You can play it safe by choosing an item based on her favorites and interests.

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  1. For the Fashion-Obsessed

You won’t have to scour the market much, if your female friend is a hardcore fashionista. You can choose from clothes to jewellery to shoes. If you’re not sure she will like what you buy, give her a gift card for a store she likes and let her buy what she wants. As an alternative, you can also give her free annual subscription to her favourite fashion magazine – Vogue, Elle or Glamour.

  1. For the Health-Conscious

The need to look lean and fit has pushed many women to give a second thought to their health. Calorie counting is the most popular right now; so, you could get her a digital food measuring scale. If she works out religiously, you can consider sports gear and equipment as well. Put together a food basket with low-calorie, organic foods and a cookbook.

  1. For the Beauty Junkies

A makeup pouch housing a mascara, compact powder, lip balm and lipstick is a great gift for a woman who always needs to touch up her makeup. Take it a step further by personalizing the makeup items you gift her. Get travel size beauty products for the ease of carrying around.

You can also give her a gift certificate to her favourite salon for a beautiful manicure and pedicure. Add a haircut and hair colour for a complete makeover.

  1. For the New Mom

The birth of a child is another occasion that calls for honouring a woman. Husbands can give their wives push presents. You can get her a pair of earrings, a ring or a necklace. If your budget allows, you can go for something more extravagant like a car. The nine months of childbearing with all its aches and pains followed by sleepless nights after the baby arrives takes a toll on the mother. In this case, you can gift her a spa package.

  1. For the Gadget Geek

Women today are as acquainted with gadgets and technology as they are with makeup. You can get a tech savvy woman, the latest gadgets be it smartphones, tablets or an iPad. The other option is to gift accessories that raise the functionality of the phone.

  1. For the Bibliophile

It is not going to be as easy as buying her any random book. Being a voracious reader, she might already have the book you buy. A better option is to get her edition books of her favourite titles or a collection of her favourite authors.

  1. For the Woman Who Has EVERYTHING

What can you get a woman who has everything? Personalized gifts are your best bet. If you are good at words, you can write a poem. You can take simple items like a cup, photo frames, pillow cases and T-shirts and paste photographs and meaningful quotes.

So, think beyond the traditional gift ideas for women and surprise her with just how much you know about her.

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