Total body Workout burn 500-calories

Total body Workout burn 500-calories

Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to know how to burn 500 calories an hour? If that’s the case, mentioned below are the best total body Workout options you can go for.

Why do you want to burn calories at this rate?

If you burn 500 calories per hour on a daily basis and support it with a sensible diet plan, you can lose a pound a week (3,500 pounds is equal to one pound of fat). In fact, for a fitness enthusiast, burning 500 calories per day is a very practical goal. So, mentioned below are the toral body Workout sessions you can use.

  1. Cycling or exercise bike

Assume that you weigh 185 pounds. In that case, you can burn 500 calories within 33 minutes by riding an exercise bike. However, the thing is that you must ride the bike in a vigorous manner during that 33-minute session.

Needless to say, riding an exercise bike intensely for 33 minutes is not that simple. So, you can increase the span up to 60 minutes and make the Workout more sedate. You will also have to include some intervals as well. But there is no rush; just focus on what your goal is. Exercise bikes are perfect for low-impact aerobic exercises. However, if you want to prefer to go outdoors, choose outdoor cycling for an hour in an inclined terrain.  

  1. Running

The equation is simple her – the faster you run, the greater the number of calories you burn. If you can run for an hour maintaining a speed of 8mph, that will help you burn 986 calories. If you run at 5mph (which is more practical), you can burn 584 calories. Those figures are for a person who weighs 160 pounds though. Even if you may burn a somewhat lower number of calories, running on the road or treadmill is a pretty good idea in terms of your overall health.

  1. Weight training

There are many options to consider if you want to perform weight training. For instance, you can perform resistance training, planks or sit-ups, or even lift weights in the gym to burn calories. Generally, you can burn more than 20 calories per minute if you do kettlebell and that’s a massive amount. One of the best things about weight training is that it helps you burn calories even after the training is finished.

  1. Dancing

It goes without saying that this is an enjoyable way to burn calories and lose a couple of pounds. There are some height impact dances that can even burn more than 500 calories – Zumba, salsa, and tap dancing are the best examples of that. They are full-body Workouts by all means.

  1. Swimming

Swimming, being a full body Workout, may not be everyone’s favorite but still, it helps you burn calories. It is a low-impact workout so if you are prone to injuries, swimming is a superb option. You can add more effectiveness to swimming by introducing speed intervals.

Regardless of the total body workout, you choose to burn calories, it is important to support it by eating a low-calorie diet. Whatever you do should create a calorie deficiency and thereby lose weight. Good luck!

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