How to find true love in today’s digital world?

How to find true love in today’s digital world?

Richard Bach quoted that true love stories never have endings. Does this mean that true love never ends or a love story does not end? People found love from the internet because of one common hashtag #truelove. This is the kind of love that lovers all over the world are searching but just like Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth, it is nowhere to be found. “Love is universal, it transcends everything ”#universallove.  But it is hardly the kind of love found in the digital world today.

Some important issues to settle:

  1. How does the infinite choice on Dating APPS of future partner play on the human psyche while seeking for the true lover?

The internet has many dating sites and supporters claimed they maintained and created a larger and steadier “dating marketplace,” which provides better and more compatible matches. On the downside, this busy dating site with its continuous bustling transactions is a risk to traditional unions. Dating sites used mathematical algorithms to predict compatibility from partners you picked out from the website.  Studies have not proven that computers can truly predict compatibility using measurable psychological variables. #online datingapps


  1. Why is it so difficult to find the good partner? #truelove  

The most common and biggest reason why is that most people are not committed. They are terrified to make commitments while others cannot face the uncertainty of where the relationship stands. Modern dating has given another interpretation for dating making it ambiguous and confusing; no more lasting relationship that requires time and effort. Since the relationship is easy to break, some people are not willing to put time and effort. For some people, walk out from a partner is not hard stuff for they know they have other options.


  1. How do ambivalence, early experiences in childhood, emotions, heart, impulse, instinct and thoughts play a role when choosing a true lover?

Your past childhood experiences, uncertainties & doubts, natural tendencies, feelings & emotions, concepts and impulses are important factors that affected the search and options of a true lover. Unhappy and traumatic childhood is a stumbling block in seeing the right partner. Many lost trust on others, uncertainties and doubts clog your choice. Women usually use their heart throwing away logic. Negative impulses and wrong concepts are determinants in choosing the “one”.  


  1. Why do often people expect true lover to guess what in their mind when in fact that’s not the case?

Lovers do not necessarily know what their partners have in mind. There is no such thing as clairvoyance in love. No two persons are alike due to individual differences. Men and women do not have identical thoughts as only they complement each other. Never expect transference of thoughts between you and your lover.


  1. Why do often people confuse a partner who makes ones suffer with what true love represent?

There is a song that goes – “you always hurt the one you love” but it not the same claim to the act of suffering as a representation of true love. Maybe it is closer to that psychological behavior of finding pleasure in receiving pain as masochist and excitement in inflicting pain as sadist. Such issues are better left to experts.#loveissuffering.


True love is a perilous journey with no clear vision of what’s in the end. It’s a daily process that every couple must work for to achieve and does not start in a dating site. At the end of the day, you will realize that no true love is found in this digital world. #truelove.  

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