Online tools to monetise your blogging business

Online tools to monetise your blogging business

Even after a year of starting my blog, I didn’t get any traffic. I was quite regular in updating my blog page, and I expected that my frequent posts would attract a lot of visitors, but I was wrong. An entire year went by, and I still got only around 100 visitors per month, which was far below my expectations. I knew I couldn’t make enough money from this, so I started my research on how to improve the traffic to my site and make it a lucrative business. After a year of trial and error formulae and setbacks, today I enjoy traffic of at least 1000 visitors every two hours. Impressive, isn’t it? I am here to share my success story with those who are just entering this field so that they can taste guaranteed success.

  1. Making the right use of Google AdSense

Google AdSense helps you immensely to monetize your blog legally. It is an effective tool that places advertisements related to your blog niche on your page. These ads will contain keywords that are very apt for the content that you post on your blogs. When these ads are designed and positioned carefully, it attracts more visitors. When visitors click on these ads, you get paid on a per-click basis.

  1. Affiliate programs

One of the most effective ways to improve traffic to your blog page and earn money from it is by joining a good affiliate program. Becoming an Amazon associate is the best way to monetize your blog if you want to become an affiliate. You need to add the link of any item sold on Amazon (should be products related to the content of your blog) in your blog page. When a visitor to your blog, clicks on this link to access a particular product on Amazon, you will be paid a certain rate of commission by the online retail giant. Yes, commission rates are low, but you can earn a steady income from your blog, this way.

  1. Ethical and effective posts

If you want to improve the traffic to your site, it is important to post that is rich in keywords that are relevant to your niche. However, you should take care to ensure that the keywords flow naturally and are not over-stuffed in your content. When you deliberately include too many keywords, the content gets distorted. Similarly, ensure that you don’t use any foul language in your content. Post relevant content frequently and promote them on various social media platforms to ensure that your post gets the maximum reach possible. This is the age of social media; therefore, don’t hesitate to share your post on your account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Encourage people to talk about your post and initiate interactions for the same so that you get a lot of people talking about the same.

 Some important tips

  • Have a clear and crisp blog design/structure, so that it is easily readable
  • The content should be unique, frequent and follow the right keyword density rule
  • Ensure that you post content along with attractive pictures as well, so that it doesn’t get too monotonous for readers
  • Know your target audience and address them accordingly
  • Make use of ethical and legal ways to monetize your blog; never rely on short-cuts that promise you instant results

What we have explained here is only the tip of the iceberg. Monetizing your blog can be done in many other ways as well; however, as a newbie blogger, if you concentrate on these factors, it means your fundamentals are set properly.

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