Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II longest reigning Monarch of Great Britain

Almost everyone in the world knows about the British royal family, the Royal family ruling over Britain and its subsidiary states from past generations. Queen Elizabeth II was the head of the royal family and was on the throne for 70 years entitling the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.

Three years before the World war Princess Elizabeth’s grandfather died and the eldest son of the king and queen’s uncle took the throne. At that time no one could have imagined that princess Elizabeth would one day become the Queen of England.

 King Edward left the throne Princess Elizabeth’s father became king of the United Kingdom at that time princess Elizabeth was 10 years old and everyone knows that after king princess Elizabeth II became queen of the United Kingdom full name of Queen Elizabeth was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Queen Elizabeth was the first woman in her family who serve in the army.

At the age of 26 Queen Elizabeth took over the throne and her father King George VI died in the year 1952. The coronation ceremony of the Queen took place in June 1953 this ceremony was broadcasted on different TV channels all over the world and it was the big day in the life of Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were married for 7 Decades. Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip at the age of 21 in August 1947 in Westminster Abbey.

Many people don’t know that Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth’s Husband was not a British Royal; he was born into the Royal Family of Greece and Denmark.


Royal Queen Elizabeth II was the mother of four children and she balanced all her duties. She became a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She joined her grandchildren in every royal event and guides them.


Queen Elizabeth was ruling over 16 Countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all these states are known as Commonwealth states.

On 6th September 2022 Buckingham palace announced the death of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at the age of 96 buried in St. George Chapel in Windsor and was entitled as the Longest Reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom. 

Rest in Peace Royal Queen Elizabeth II.

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