How Could Fashion Empower Women

How Could Fashion Empower Women

Women from the beginning of time were dominated by men, their elders and society; they follow orders on what to do, what to say and even what to wear. In reality, there is no inclusivity on freedom but women are victims chained to these standards while all aspects of life has equal representation.

Generation of the new women and fashion

In the recent generation, women put their foot down and demanded equal places for all. For years, struggles continue and victory seems to be on the side women. Name an industry without women; they are in tech, finance, politics and most of all fashion.

Fashion has the ability through clothes to women from inside out. Women lead the way showing that gender fashion style empowerment is based on specific personal choices. In real life, any woman can dress like a man but this freedom is restricted by the women’s wrardrobe design.

New York Fashion Week 2018

The recent New York Fashion Week 2018 was a reminder that women dominates the fashion industry as they brought across their cried expressing in bold messages issues of health cajjenges, body image and other advocacy group mesages that aim to empower women. Women have been speaking out on the runway and all over the streets to deliver their message.

New ambassadors

Nowadays magazine are featuring curvaceous women strutting the runway, with complete confidence but you see them not only as models but as  ambassadors and spokespersons rising awareness for different social causes. They are by far not the stereotyped beauties that media considered being beautiful, yet these proud women are truly beautiful due to their confidence and their boldness. The time will come when popular opinion will change about traditional beauty standards.

Against objectification

Almost every company, institution and services take the help of ads to sell products and services. Through the years, women have been used and being portrayed as sort of women-objects in most of the ads. See women clad in skimpy bikinis advertising a motorcycle!

Women gave bold statements about against objectification where persons are treated as object without thought or feeling that are targeted mostly on women. Cry out for changes! Thankfully, there are now local, national and international groups promoting women’s empowerment in countries to improve social perception of women image by discussing ways for their equity and social justice.

Women on top

Fashion design focused its attention towards the unconventional ways women wear power clothes. In this era of female CEO’s, managers and supervisors, women are now boldly going for the power dressing. This means pants and blazers are the in thing like a loud and sharp scream lauding women on top.

Equal representation

 Much in demand is equal representation along with the change of ideas towards a more progressive and women empowering fashion industry. The idea is to create impacts around the world.

Gracing the fashion show runways are bevies of black models and Asian women smiling proudly and gracing covers of fashion magazines as well. There is a representation of all races. The fashion world has equal multicultural girls representation as a powerful statement of empowerment.  But still more to do as fashion industry like tennishas long well-know history of elitist racist facial profiling which girls are breaking now.

Another proof of representation is shown by cosmetic companies as the refined colors like the nude hues. This is happening not only in make-up color but in underwear companies as well. Women with dark skin, brown skin, lihghter skin have many options and feel confident because they are included in many design options.

Fashion empowers women

Hail the women who have now more freedom than they had in societies accross the world. No inclusivity is shape, size, looks and color. They are free to express themselve, lead by example and empower other in their own way while speak ou about their advocacy. Women can fight against oppression including bullying, harassment and objectification. Fashion is becoming their best ally all the way.

Today a fashion show is viewed for both the design effect and the social engagement of fashion statements that empower women to look at the fashion industry as the best option to be counted, to put up a fight for women rights and to have their voices heard on the runways, in the audience with a butterfly effect in the streetwear around the world.

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